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KCIP History

The KCIP site area was cleared of its natural vegetation in the late 1950’s and used for various purposes over the next forty years. In 2005 the site was purchased at to be used as part of an extension regional shopping complex; which was ultimately awarded to the Galleria. The site then stood vacant until the development of the KCIP. The developers took extensive measures to preserve as large a portion of the natural coastal forest as remained unspoiled, involving a team of environmental specialist.

This preservation has required that the developers to establish an environmental reserve area of some +10,000 m ², where they have begun planting indigenous species, and have implemented a series of measure designed to ensure the rehabilitation of the natural environment with the reserve.

The remaining portion of the site has been developed into a modern fully serviced commercial-industrial estate. Given the lack of local facilities for SME’s and start-ups, the estate was developed with this in mind