R11 Billion Dube Trade Port Auto Supplier Park Commencing 2020

The area directly adjacent to KCIP has seen extensive development and upgrade undertaken in tandem with the KCIP project. These include:

  • The National LVSA Group has recently completed a mammoth warehouse and assembly facility directly adjacent to the KCIP security entrance. KCIP already has a shared security co-operation agreement with LVSA and it is intended that this relationship will continue. http://lvsa.co.za/
  • The Engen Service Station and the adjacent shopping centre have undergone multi million rand upgrades in 2018.
  • Planning is underway to install traffic lights at the intersection of Uitsig Road and the 603 provisional road. This upgrade is planned for 2019. Uitsig Road which accesses the site has already undergone a major upgrade in 2018, in preparation for the KCIP project.