KCIP Land Sales

Sales price is negotiable depending on deal structure. The project is being developed and sold as a sectional title development which allows owners greater flexibility with regards to key issues such as the site coverage and estate management.

Available Vacant Sites:

• Site 1 – 6 830 m² – The site is situated directly adjacent to the site entrance.
• Site 3 – 4 831 m² – Includes design and planning permission for 4 x warehouse/factory units.
• Site 4 – 3 366 m² – Includes development plans for warehouse/factory units.
• Site 9 – 8 536 m² – This site benefits from being set away from the main development with a private access road to some 300 meters leading to the site. This is ideal for businesses that require a greater level of privacy or have concerns with being close to neighbouring sites.

Drawings related to Site 3:

Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3
Drawing 4
Drawing 5