Section 2 – Avcres Transport is a well-established transport company that have developed a logistics warehouse/distribution centre on site 2 of KCIP. http://www.avcres.co.za/

Section 4 – Joma Sports South Africa have recently purchased section 4 of the estate and will be developing a warehouse and distribution facility, commencing Q3 2021 https://www.joma-sport.com/en

Sections 5, 6 & 7 – These sites were purchased by Natpro Spices who have developed an extensive, high specification packaging and distribution facility across the three sites. http://paprika-sa.com/

Section 8 – Jay Brown is a local, large scale steel fabrication firm currently located in Prospecton. They will be relocating some of their operations to KCIP. http://www.jaybrown.co.za/